Getting to know the Saints: Tell us about your patron saint!

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My Patron Saint is Siluan Afonsky (Silouan The Athonite). There are many things that to say on him. I prefer you see this. ... ndex.shtml
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My patron saint will be (when I am baptised), St. Seraphim of Sarov. I have been a practitioner of contemplative prayer for a while now, although very much a beginner in the way. I was reading of St. Seraphim's instruction on prayer and listening to the Spirit, it made my heart burn within me with longing for God. In many ways he exemplifies the kind of life i aspire for, or a parallel of it in my own sphere at least.

Gospodi pomiluy

not yet a saint-a story of a pious coptic Bishop

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Dear members,

Last time I visited the monastery, I was sharing stories about
His Grace with another youth. He told me that before Bishop Karas
departed H.G. along with a group of visitors were walking in the
desert. While walking they spotted a snake. His Grace told the snake
to go back in his hole, and if he were to see him again he was going
kill him. The snake Obeyed, and left there presence. Now a short
while passed and the same snake re-emerged again. H.G. told the snake
that he had warned him, and that he is going to kill him. Bishop
did the sign of the cross over the snake and left. One man who did
want the Bishop's words to be in vain went back to kill the snake, he
found the snake already dead which a short while before had enough
strength to leave their presence. May the prayers of Bishop Karas be
with us, and glory be to God forever. Amen
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Re: St Brigid of Kildare

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[quote="Brigid of Keldare"]A Gift of Hospitality - Saint Brigid, Abbess of Kildare


text now available in French too :

[url] ... -gals.html[/url]

saint Brigit of Kildare, pray to God for us!

Jean-Michel, Belgium
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Re: Getting to know the Saints: Tell us about your patron sa

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I have a question, if anyone can help me with a reference:

i've read some time ago in the Life of Saints about the case of an heretic bishop who seemed gentle and was sent to be a bishop in a city, but the orthodox people from that city had chased him because of his heresy, disregarding all his apparent gentleness.
Does anyone remember in which saint's life we can find this case?

Thank you.
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