St. John of Kronstadt and the Renovationists by Dr. V. Moss

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St. John of Kronstadt and the Renovationists by Dr. V. Moss

Post by Maria » ... ationists/
Pobedonostsev ... feared that a reform of Church-State relations, even if desirable in itself from a canonical point of view, might lead to Church-State separation and the gradual dechristianisation of society. Sergei Firsov writes: “Pobedonostsev saw and understood better than many that the demolishing of the Petrine Synodal system in Russian conditions would not lead to the recreation of correct mutual relations between the Church and the State, but would only strengthen anti-government forces.
And this is exactly what happened as Soviet forces turned against the Church and attempted to destroy her.

Re: The atheist and heretic, Leo Tolstoy, Dr. Vladimir Moss writes:
Tolstoy was opposed especially by the extraordinary priest St. John of Kronstadt, who demonstrated by his wonderful life abounding in good works and extraordinary miracles, that Christianity “does not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God” (I Corinthians 2.5). He wrote of Tolstoy that he had “made himself into a complete savage with regards to the faith and the Church.” He called him not only a heretic, but also an antichrist, and refused to receive honorary membership of Yuriev university if Tolstoy was to receive the same honour.[10] St. John lamented that “the Church of God on earth, the beloved bride, is impoverished, she suffers from the savage attacks on her from the atheist Leo Tolstoy…”
This is a great read. I only posted two brief excerpts. Please read and share your thoughts.
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner.
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Re: St. John of Kronstadt and the Renovationists by Dr. V. Moss

Post by Barbara »

Indeed this looks interesting, especially about the attitude of St John of Kronstadt to Leo Tolstoy. I never knew that the Saint thought like that. Very instructive for all future generations.

I will read the article and be back to comment. Thanks for the link, Maria.
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