BBC2 videos on Greece and Monastery of Esfigmenou

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BBC2 videos on Greece and Monastery of Esfigmenou

Post by Maria »

​BBC2 & Simon Reeve did a story on Greece.

The 2nd episode included a part on Esfigmenou.​

Many of the monks of Esfigmenou are shown in this video:
Abt Methodios, Fr Ilias, Fr Lisimahos, and Fr Gaios who can
be seen at 10:43 of the video.
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Re: BBC2 videos on Greece and Monastery of Esfigmenou

Post by Barbara »

Good find, and a prompt one as I see the video was posted only today : fresh news !

My flash player gave out at the 10 minute mark, but at least I got most of it viewed.

I thought Simon Reeve's commentary was irritating. [" No meat ? No women ? Let's turn around, " he exclaims. You mean he never was briefed on what a monastery is ?! Too corny.
However, at least he went and covered this story which has not received the international attention it deserves.

I'll have to finish the last 2 minutes, but I hope it presents a favorable image to the world of Esfighmenou's struggle.

The part where the BBC reporter and local guide ride on the tractor bucket is cute. I had never seen that done !

I am glad the monastery either recovered its tractor or found another one. That was SO unfair that the Greek Gov.
confiscated the Brotherhood's. I couldn't recognize the brand name. Even a cheaper model costs a lot. And if it needs repairs ? Well I guess the usual astronomically priced trip to CAT is not necessary in establishments where monk-mechanics have their shop ready and waiting for work !
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Re: BBC2 videos on Greece and Monastery of Esfigmenou

Post by Archimandrit Nilos »

The Monastery of Esphigmenou is with the Akakian-Florinite parasynagoguers. His Abbot Methodios was ordained by the Florinite Akakain-Florinite and formerly Matthewite Auxentios Pastras (born 1912). Also the leader Chrysostom Kioussi was in strong relation with this Monastery.
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