Cointelpro Techniques used against Forums

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Re: Cointelpro Techniques used against Forums

Post by Barbara »

Oh, I missed your answer last month. I thought it was only the previous post by you showing when the Board Index page is displayed.

I was just kidding you about the car, as you know, I am sure.

What did Terry Davis do that caused him to become homeless ? I am curious. Obviously, it stemmed from his schizophrenia in some way. And what did he mean by "glow in the dark". I think of those little plastic stars that one can paste on their ceiling so as to have a comforting feeling [ originally meant for kids but fun for anyone in uncomfortable surroundings ].

Well I returned back to this topic because when I tried to log in today, a message came up on the more advanced computers of the best library around saying : "This connection is not secure ; your login could be compromised"

So ! I really hope the Forum's organizers are working to implement that better hosting plan with SSL certificates for encryption you mentioned awhile back, Madison.
The idea clicked at that time. But even MORE so now that I got this pop up message.
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