Please pray for the victims of fires in the Western USA

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Re: Please pray for the victims of fires in the Western USA

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Update from the Redding paper 2 days ago. One of their reporters was able to go in a helicopter with a photographer to survey the damage to the area.

"Weeks after the Carr Fire moved through the area, piles of ashes left from the homes remain. Swimming pools have turned green and streets winding through the neighborhoods were still deserted....

Most people have not been allowed to clean up their homes, and debris removal has not begun in most neighborhoods where the fire burned.

For the past two weeks, crews with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control have been assessing every burned property in the county, removing hazardous materials such as asbestos, oils, pesticides, toxic cleaners and radioactive material, said Adam Palmer, who supervises the crews checking the property.

As of Thursday, crews had assessed and removed hazardous material from about half of the 1,182 structures they plan to inspect, he said.

The toxic waste removal is the first step to cleaning up properties, Palmer said. After the hazardous waste is removed, crews hired by the state plan to haul away debris. Homeowners can also hire qualified contractors, officials said.

City of Redding and county officials are still developing standards for removal of debris, which is also hazardous, officials said.

The fire, however, wasn’t limited to west Redding. The 229,651-acre fire stretches from Redding on the east to just past the Trinity County line on the west. It also stretches from Igo south of Redding to Lakehead 20 miles to the north.

The total area of the fire is roughly 359 square miles, about six times the size of Redding.

While the total loss in property value hasn’t yet been tabulated, state officials estimate the fire did $98.3 million in damage to public facilities, including roads, bridges, buildings and other structures.

Numerous homes in the historic community of Shasta were destroyed, and tucked between Shasta and Redding, the tiny town of Keswick, population 450, was nearly obliterated.

In the town center, only two homes were spared. All the other houses were reduced to ashes.

“It wasn’t just a hot fire, it was hungry. It was crazy,” Chapman [the woman who arranged the flight] said... ... 080313002/
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