Turning back tide of homosexual takeover - step by step - in Russia

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Turning back tide of homosexual takeover - step by step - in Russia

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Russian black bread (just to get one's attention on the general subject - not from article. But the website's name sounds perfect for the theme of the story below)


"An anti-homosexual bakery has been opened in Kemerovo, Russia. Same-sex couples are not allowed to be customers there. The owners call the business,“Bread from a Russian Oven, by the Ipatov Brothers”. One of the owners of the bakery, Anton Ipatov, says that so far he has heard only praise about his business.

...The co-owner believes that the appearance of such a place is a reason to start talking about homosexuality. He says that homosexuals discriminate against normal people, in favor of perversions, radically undermining the system of family values....

One of the notable advantages of the bakery is its natural way of making bread. The manufacturer claims that the flour is ground by stone millstones, stored in wooden barns, and in general the wheat is environmentally friendly. Instead of sugar, the bakery uses honey in its bread and makes a yeast from real hops." --
Sources: Krestyanskoe Delo and Fed Press

https://russian-faith.com/news/homosexu ... kery-n2150
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