What English Bible do you Recommend?

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What English Bible do you Recommend?

Post by Papoutsis1 »

I was wondering what English Bible do you recommend?

I received a copy of The Orthodox Study Bible, but I don't like the translation, per se, and its based off of a critical text of the Septuagint and not of the Zoe Brotherhood text and does not take into account the Church's variant LXX readings in its liturgical texts. SOOOOO...

What Bible texts do you suggest in using?

God Bless

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Post by Incognito1583 »

They can't answer that question because Orthodox don't read the Bible. All the Bible they get comes from the few verses in the church servives.

I would recommend the KJV, NKJV, NIV and NASB.
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Post by ANGELA »


Gee! You must know every orthodox person in the world, to state that we don't read the Bible.

Papoutsis, I am Orthodox and I recommend the New King James Version.

Joanna Higginbotham

What English Bible do you Recommend?

Post by Joanna Higginbotham »

I enthusiastically recommend the THIRD MILLENNIUM BIBLE.

This is the King James Version INCLUDING the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical Books. It has extensive cross referencing, which is just great for study. It is not perfect, tho', the Psalms are the usual KJV numbering, and it is not cheap ($45) - but is of high quality workmanship/materials. It is carried by St. John of Kronstadt Press, which has always been very selective in what they offer. http://www.sjkp.org/

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Re: What English Bible do you Recommend?

Post by joasia »

I just recently order the Holy Bible from dormitionbooks.com. They are Canadian. I'm trusting that this will be a fabulous addition. It's in the catalogue section of Bibles and Commentaries. Catalogue description below.



With so many English New Testaments on the market, which version is most faithful to the original Greek? How do you choose one that reflects Orthodox perspective and theological content? Holy Apostles Convent and Dormition Skete, (Colorado, U.S.A.) labored six years, with a committee of contributors, to present this fully illustrated Orthodox translation, which has been diligently compared against the original Greek text, the authorized version (1904) of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and the King James Version. There was no compromise of accuracy and reliability in this brand-new translation which echoes the rhythms and idioms of the original Greek. This promises to be an enriched reading experience that gives you an in-depth understanding of God’s word, answering commonly asked textual and theological queries for vital and penetrating insights into God’s word. A trustworthy and one-of-a-kind patristic commentary has been compiled which draws from the whole spectrum of the authority of the Church Fathers for a rich, dependable, invaluable resource for devotional reading, Bible study, sermon preparation, and teaching. Contains hundreds of succinct, reliable, and inspiring commentaries that elaborate on difficult passages, thereby providing a clearer understanding. Gain a greater understanding of the shades of meaning in the original language with word studies stressing meaningful nuances in the Greek, but often lost in other translations. Exegetical material gives critical analysis of key words, that is not overly technical, for both beginners and scholars alike.

Fully illustrated with Orthodox icons interspersed, thus complementing pertinent text so that you can reverently view Christ, His Mother, the Apostles, and many other biblical personalities, together with sacred events, Bible scenes, miracles, parables, and numerous apocalyptic depictions. High-quality format. Text is in large, easy-to-read 13-point typeface; endnotes are in a readable and clear 10-point typeface.Words of Christ and others are set in quotations. At the end of each book of the New Testament, references and informative notes on linguistics, key words, difficult terms and phrases. Extensive explanatory notes packed with information on textual difficulties and theological concepts that enable you to discover the rich truths of the original Greek text. Chronological Index of Gospel Parallels. Instructive Appendix and Bibliography, and detailed listing of Greek codices explained. Handsomely bound 6x9 Smyth-sewn case-bound books, in sturdy lexotone with gold stamping on cover and spine, printed on high-opacity acid-free pages, and lavishly illustrated. These books are now in their second printing. $49.00 each.

(THE HOLY GOSPELS 640 pages, 230 icons, APO315 )

ACTS, EPISTLES, AND REVELATION 672 pages, 137 icons, APO316

The Orthodox New Testament, Leatherette This soft-cover, pocket edition of the Orthodox New Testament (see the entry above for the 2-volume set) contains the text of the Holy Gospels, Epistles and Revelation; but does not include the commentaries. Size: 41/2" x 61/2", 608 pages, 22 icons APO327 $37.00
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Re: What English Bible do you Recommend?

Post by 尼古拉前执事 »

It is fantastic and you can get it with free shipping following the links in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3242
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