Who killed GrandDuke Serge ? Who really ?

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Who killed GrandDuke Serge ? Who really ?

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I am going to be looking at this question in the near future.
Since this is the martyrdom anniversary of his wife, St Elizabeth Romanov, it seems fitting to probe the murky question a bit.

This subject has been pushed under the table, since some parts of the [apparently] TRUE STORY are rather unpalatable. And highly embarrassing certain parties.

Thus, in the 114 years since that February 1905, only hasty explanations have been proffered as if discouraging any further probing :

-- "Terrorists"
-- "Anarchists"

Often in histories of the dread event, the actual doer of the evil deed is presented as if that will cut out the questions of intelligent readers. Ok his name was Ivan Kalyayev, they will shrug. The name means nothing to most, except to place blame on a certain individual. On to other more pleasant subjects, many will think with relief.

Grand Duke Serge Alexandrovich [ May 1857 - Feb 1905 ]

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