Melbourne Australia Day vandalism

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Melbourne Australia Day vandalism

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Aborigines [indigenous inhabitants of Australia] struck again against 2 statues in Melbourne, seeing them as symbols of colonialism. Previously, the two monuments had been attacked around the holiday of Australia Day.
This year, a sentry was going to be stationed to watch over the monuments, but the vandals arrived before the sentry did.
This is a problem in many major cities of the world, but one would not necessarily expect it in easygoing Australia.
Here is a 2 minute video, as the shocking picture of the Queen Victoria statue did not transfer over here :

"A monument in Queen Victoria Gardens was splattered in red paint.

Workers arrived early on Thursday morning to begin cleaning the sculpture.

Political leaders say vandalism has 'no place' in community
Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan said the vandalism of the statues had "no place in our community".
"We'll be working with council to repair and reinstate the [Queen Victoria] statue in St Kilda," she said.

Opposition Leader John Pesutto described the vandalism as "totally unacceptable".
"There's no place for acts of vandalism or any other violent acts against people or property in our community," Mr Pesutto said.
"We support the right of people to protest and demonstrate but it must always be done in a peaceful and respectful way." ... c_news_web

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